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Anonymous asked: If someone does selfdiagnosis then what? They can't access medicine, treatment so what's the point?how do you know they aren't going to misdiagnosis they could have a brain tumor or thousand other things that gives the same sympotons they aren't Drs



Hey look, it’s two questions I’ve answered about fifty times already.

*bored monotone* Self-diagnosis enables people to better monitor their mental health, develop coping mechanisms, and reduce their exposure to triggering people, situations, and content. For more on this contentious issue please see this post, which is also linked in the FAQ you clearly didn’t read.

*even more bored monotone* Of course misdiagnosis is possible, but that’s why it’s important to share resources which help people undertake self-diagnosis responsibly. We should also push for systemic changes that increase the availability of mental healthcare, but in the meantime, some people are going to self-diagnose and we should do what we can to help.

*babbling dream voice* Please check the tag for the post before sending asinine messages like this, because the probability that I’ve already answered your question is high.

Okay thank you and good night.


I’m a psych student. I’ve been around psychiatrists and psychologists my entire life, I’ve been through office after office after practice after clinic as a child and adolescent - I love the field, but I see so much dogmatism & derision directed at people who try and arrive at a diagnosis without professional guidance. I see so many people placing so much more importance on ‘defending’ the criteria for diagnosis in the DSM (which is plainly recognized to be flawed in many respects) than on a patient’s emotional well-being. If self-diangosis helps someone, it helps. Are they wrong? Who gives a shit? Our job is to help them, not nit-pick terminology.

If accepting or assuming a diagnosis (that I fully recognize might not be accurate) allows someone to better understand their symptoms and their emotions, then I don’t see a problem with it.

Can it be dangerous, can there be unintended consequences and potential harm in self-diagnosis? Yes, there certainly can. I see a problem with them attempting self-medication that might prove harmful, but that’s exacerbated by widespread inaccessibility to to mental healthcare without jumping through (often costly) legal/insurance loops. But my problem lies with the fact it was harmful, not that they were wrong.

No matter how misguided or potentially-dangerous someone’s attempt to help themselves mentally may be, I cannot blame them for wanting to feel better. I can’t condemn a person’s attempt to alleviate mental agony or psychological symptoms, no matter how far off the mark they might have been.

As a psychologist, shutting someone down and saying “no, you clearly do not ACTUALLY have _____ diganosis, I cannot help you, you are delusional and misinformed, please go talk to a professional willing to put up with your bullshit” rather than saying “OK, you say you have _____ diagnosis - while that may or may not be completely accurate, I’ll do whatever I possibly can to aid you in arriving at helpful conclusions about your own mental health and feelings and giving you the tools necessary to take control of your own life” is unconscionable.

My commitment to helping others by any (ethical) means necessary vastly outweighs any commitment I may have to upholding the technicalities and minutiae of specific, limited diagnoses when many people are denied mental health care simply because they meet only 3 out of 4 (for example) necessary criteria for a diagnostic label that their insurance will actually cover.

theres also the fact that the healthcare establishment treats marginalized groups differently. i dont have a source rn but i recall reading that, for example, many black people with the same mental illness symptoms as white people are given different diagnoses and therefore treated differently.

the same goes for many trans people; a diagnosis of gender identity dysphoria or whatever the official DSM-V name is is often necessary to begin medically transitioning. getting that diagnosis can be really hard though for nonbinary people whose doctors expect them to show ‘proof’ of their transness. i knew i was trans but when i went to a doctor and said so i was promptly ignored for not showing enough symptoms and not seeking to medically transition (it was total bullshit) and so the doctors felt free to misgender me and pretend like i hadnt said anything at all and ignore any influence that might have had on my mental disorders.

an official medical diagnosis is not only difficult to get but might actively harm you once you get it or try to get it, is what im saying

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