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Far now, we have only two LI's confirmed. We have 12 people in the "family inquisition", being 9 companions and 3 advisors. So, how many LI do you think there will be in the game? For each gender? Also... do think that Varric will be a LI or not? :3
dragonaging answered:

Ideally, there would be 6 LIs (Heterosexual male & female, Homosexual male & female, Bisexual male & female), but something tells me that’s not going to happen.

And after what Cameron Lee said about Varric, I don’t personally think he’ll be an LI, sorry! :c

I’ll paste it below:

"Cassandra is a confirmed love interest. Is Varric?"

"I’d better not answer that because if I do, David Gaider, the lead writer, will punch me in the face. So I can’t answer that.

I know the answer, but I’m sorry guys. Let’s put it this way: Varric loves his crossbow so much… So I don’t know whether Varric would be able to let go of his love of Bianca.”

is brienne of tarth a voice actor in da:i im gonna marry whoever she VAs

ok i can think of one character i wouldnt mind being straight

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's what im saying! why would you deprive gamers like this its cruel and unusual

and i would kill to romance varric its about time we had a dwarf LI

's what im saying! why would you deprive gamers like this its cruel and unusual

and i would kill to romance varric its about time we had a dwarf LI

so about that 'one sexual orientation' reveal


here’s the thing. i’m someone who generally, liberally gives the benefit of the doubt, and i certainly won’t be making any definitive judgments about dragon age 3 based on cryptic interviews given about certain game mechanics months before the game’s actual release. if the…

there are straight love interests

thats gross as shit



hannibal gets so offended by being accused of things he actually did

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'i dont understand why its a problem when there are straight bi and gay love interests just play as w/e gender your ideal LI is interested in'

yeah ok i guess you could say its problematic when all LIs are bi, if you wanted to be wrong, ive heard it said that it makes? heterosexuality the default???? and being queer just an optional choice????????? ignoring the fact that being bi is IN FACT a queer sexuality lmao… being bi and being in a relationship thats between 2 diff genders doesnt mean that either of those 2 people are straight….

assuming that 2 diff genders in a relationship = straight and 2 similar genders = gay is Actually Positioning Heterosexuality As A Norm and Erasing Queer Identities and it also means youre queerphobic trash

and does it occur to people that maybe its hard for people to play as a character of a different gender? not that i’ll ever have the option to play as my own gender lmao nonbinary erasure. but it is. its difficult for me in a way that i think is related to being trans but idk how to articulate yet.

making all LIs bi/pan would be the best option imo because you could romance anyone regardless of yr characters gender and that doesnt mean yr character or the LI is straight or gay it just means its!!! thats who you wanna romance. you could headcanon yr character and the LIs as whatever sexuality you wanted and it would work! theres so much more freedom

but if you gotta limit LIs then please no straight people heterosexuality is a sin

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